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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  June 11, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a state trooper killed gunned down in cold blood outside a restaurant. >> a man hunt is underway this afternoon. i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. >> here's what people are talking about this noon. a developing story we've been following all morning long. a trooper killed outside the apple bees. we have more on what happened. >> reporter: good afternoon. as police search for this 24- year-old, other police are mourning him this afternoon. investigators say wesley brown worked a part-time job as a security guard at an applebee's restaurant. one of the customers became upset and he escorted the customer out. the night went on. as the shift ended around
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12:30, that's when the suspect came back with a gun and shot the trooper. medics rushed him to the hospital where he died. now the focus has shifted to finding the shooter. they have lost the young officer who was simply doing his job. >> this is just a tragedy. it always is when we lose a law enforcement officer. we have someone here who had just started his career and had so much to offer and was concerned about helping other people. >> reporter: troopers say brown was recently engaged to be married. this afternoon his family is simply distraught. the governor visited the crime scene this morning. he says finding the shooter is of jut most importance. a worker was just rescued after getting trapped in a
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trench. we have the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. baltimore county this was along 11,000 block of philadelphia road at the carr gill building. a worker fell into a trench. it happened just after 11:00. firefighters responded with tactical rescue units. they worked for 40 minutes before they were able to free the man from the trench. he will be taken to a local area hospital. no word on a cause of this accident. the workers are now cleaning up the area and getting ready to depart. >> all right. thank you. more details are emerging in a shooting. witnesses told investigators tyrone brown who was unarmed had his hands up when the officer shot him nine times. some of the witnesses said they shoved him, but the stories are all inconsistent.
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he's on desk duty during the investigation. police have made another human trafficking arrest. gabriel hernandez was arrested last night. he was involved with a kidnapping of a 19-year-old woman from a party back in april. the victim says she was kept in a hotel where she was threatened, assaulted and forced into prostitution. when officers raided the hotel room, they found a 16-year-old girl who was also being used for prostitution. in the stirks -- city, the pension plan is one step closer to becoming a reality. we have the latest on this. >> reporter: good afternoon. the baltimore city council voting last night to approve a bill that would approve the pension plan. they want to raise the retirement age and lower the cost of living. $64 million is claimed to be
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owed to the pension fund. the city can't afford to pay that and the new plan could save $400 million over five years. >> the city's ability to finance the current benefit structure is not possible. it has already affected the city's ability to financially support basic services. >> we have to stand up and play. we took the furloughs and stuff. every time they do that, they backtrack. >> the unions have offered a counter proposal to raise employee contributions and open the door for reduced benefits for new employees. >> the council will vote next monday. a new poll finds the governor's race is in a dead heat. the governor each got 45% of the vote in a poll of likely voters recently. his lead was 3 points back in april when he announced he was running against him. 5% of those surveyed said they
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prefer someone else. the oil spill in the gulf coast keeps on getting worse. new figures for the well show the amount of oil spilling into the water may be twice as much as previously thought. the toll is growing on wildlife also. workers have rescued more than 500 birds covered in oil since the beginning of june. bp executives will be in washington to discuss the disaster with president obama. it will be his first meeting with company officials since the oil spill began. rescue teams have located a 16-year-old girl who was trying to sail around the world by herself. the california teen set off a distress signal yesterday when rough weather disabled her boat. she was stuck in the southern indiana ocean. >> i think she's relieved that the airplane flew over her yesterday and made good communication with her and that
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she now knows there's a rescue attempt to get her. she would be very relieved. >> we appreciate everybody's thoughts and prayers because she's going to be fine. thank you. >> she was attempting to become the youngest person to sail around the world solo. her friends and family are happy she will be home soon. a nice, warm start to the weekend with a few clouds still in the area here. a live look outside. tomorrow it's going to feel more like summer again. we're live with weather coverage. marty bass is in the outback. >> good afternoon. it's a nice afternoon. we want to show you the radar. we have no activity here. there's just a little bit to our north as we open this up to our northwest. some strong showers and thunderstorms moving across the ohio valley. they are not expected to get here. we see a low dew point. really we're going to see much of the atmosphere eating up the
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leading edge of this moisture as it starts to try to make its way in over the mountains. look at temperatures around the region. we talked about low temperatures. we're in the 70s. we're right on target for this time of year. 72 in ocean city. looking at 75 in cumberland. a pleasant friday is in store. as you see, there's some warm and sticky air moving in our direction. more on how that plays out for the weekend ahead, we send it out to marty bass. >> it's nice out here. we have actually moved into the shade here in the outback. it's very sunny and pleasant. this time tomorrow it's going to be sunny and humid and getting hot. tim mentioned that steamy weather to the southwest. high pressure over the northwestern gulf. it's going to act as a heat
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pump. let's look at some temperatures in the corner of the united states. we are seeing much hotter weather move our way. we'll be closer to 90 degrees if not a couple degrees above 90 over the next few days. we have to talk about some thunderstorms coming in here with the end of the weekend. we're going to have an unstable air mass. we'll also have a cold front that's never going to make it. tim williams will have the details coming up. now back inside. >> thank you. this warm weather may needs you may need extra hair spray for the fest this weekend. there will be a contest to crown the best. it runs through the weekend. >> i have tried, but my hair will not tease that high. >> i haven't tried mine yet, but with the humidity, sometimes it looks that high any way. still to come on eyewitness news at noon, world cup crazy.
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pope benedict begs for forgiveness today and promises to do anything to prevent abuse in the future. they have made the statement during mass during the vatican's celebration of the priesthood. it's one of the first public admissions of the sins of catholic priests by the vatican. some rights groups say they aren't satisfied and want a more clear cut plan to protect children. the most watched sporting event is officially underway. the festivities kicked off with the biggest names taking the stage for a concert last night. the black eyed peas was among the performers. the host country south africa tied with mexico in the first match. still ahead on wjz
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lilly is a poodle mixed with something. she has a great temperament. she's a year and a half old. she wants a good home. our yellow scarf is pretty. we have the weekend to talk about. >> a pretty nice day today. looking at almost a perfect day. our average high for this day is 82. the average low is 60. we'll be right around 84 and 62. right now we're at 78 and going up. 55 the dew point. humidity at 45%. it's comfortable. east to northeast winds at 6 miles per hour. across the state, temperatures
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ranging from 75 to 78. around the metro area, everyone right in the same zone. we're getting a bit of a light breeze across the region mostly from the east and northeast. that's keeping our temperatures down a little bit off the water in some respects. it's keeping the cooler flow off the ocean. the clouds largely due to disturbances across our north. they are really ahead of a front across the great lakes. it's a focus for us this weekend. a few disturbances. a weak cold front. it will be moving into the warmer air. it's really the recipe for some thundershowers. as high pressure moves off to the southeast, we will keeping an eye off of them. into tomorrow night and any time on sunday. we could see the potential for some showers. for the most part today, a
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gorgeous one. getting down to 62 tonight. partly cloudy. a clear night. tomorrow warm and humid. we may have to keep our eye on the thunderstorms during the heat of the day. typical summer pattern. the's welcome the mets to town. let's hope it's a repeat of last night. still to come at noon, the tony awards are live on sunday night. we'll speak with the host who is also a nominee. we're always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates, log on to
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welcome back. the tony awards in new york this weekend. sean hays will host. i sat down with him to talk about the tonies and hosting the show. >> welcome to wjz tv 13. how are you today? >> i'm great. how are you? >> we're doing awesome. you are hosting the tonies.
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>> i never thought of it, but it makes me nervous. >> no chance in the world. you have done it all. >> thank you. i'm very excited about it. it should be a huge party for everybody. i just hopefully will do a good job and keep the energy moving. >> take us behind the scenes. is it a good party behind the scenes? >> right now, rehearsals are going great. we have a lot of surprises and presenters and people performing. it's really fun. >> i'm looking at the list here. michael douglas and scarlet johansson. is that intimidating to you? >> no because we're all people. these are just our jobs. this is just a celebration of
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people who have done great work in theater. >> that's refreshing to hear. it's just our jobs. antonio banderas. when he came to broadway, people were skeptical but he's become a serious broadway talent. >> he's great. >> sunday night. great to watch you and the rest of the the folks do your job. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> the tony awards sunday night at 8:00 right here on wjz tv 13. >> be sure to check back in today at 4,5,and 6. it's being called revolutionary. an oral drug approved to treat multiple sclerosis. >> and sun storms. the affect they could have on cell phones and power and what
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scientists are doing about it. join us for these stories and the breaking news today at 4 right after dr. phil. stay with us. the 5-day forecast is next. for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one.
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♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ giggles ] thank you for watching eyewitness news on wjz13.
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let's do the 5-day forecast. >> we have a chance for some thunderstorms late sunday. otherwise, we have a pretty good round of weather through wednesday. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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